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Although all car tires are made of rubber, not all are created equal. There is a wide range of brands out there, each offering a different price and quality level, and there is also a wide range of tire types. Tires made for performance are far different than those made for winter, for example. At Zimbrick, we help to make the tire-buying process easier, not only because we only stock quality brands and sell our tires for an affordable price, but because we have a team of tire experts who can help pair you to the right tires.

One of the other benefits of buying tires from Zimbrick is that we have a wide variety of locations spread throughout the Madison area. With locations in Madison, Middleton and Sun Prairie, we’re just a short drive away for many Dane County residents. Even better is that we have a long list of brands under our wing, so if you own a Chevy, for example, you can visit our Chevy store and find tires approved by Chevy.

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Learn More About Zimbrick Tires

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Tire Pressure Checks

With the range of temperatures that we experience in Wisconsin, the pressure of your tires can fluctuate drastically. Bring your vehicle to any one of our many service locations and we can check the pressure and top them off with air in a few minutes. It’s a quick service that we can do with no scheduled appointment.


Tire Puncture Repair

Just because your tire is consistently losing air does not mean that it has to be completely replaced. At Zimbrick, we can patch up your tires, and help them to hold air like they used to. Not only does it keep you from always having to fill them, but it saves you from having to go out and purchase a brand-new tire.


Tire Rotations

After a certain number of miles, your tires should be rotated, meaning the back ones should be moved to the front and vice versa. This helps the tires to last longer, as the tread wears much more evenly. With our pit-crew-fast technicians, we can get your tires rotated and get you in and out the door in record time.


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