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Used cars are everywhere. Look beyond the obvious locations like dealerships and you’ll find used cars in the newspaper, on Craigslist, Facebook and even parked on lawns throughout the Madison area. It doesn’t take much effort to find a used car in Madtown, but it does take a bit of researching to make sure that the car you end up buying is a good deal, and to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off. That is, of course, unless you reap the benefits involved with buying a used car from a Zimbrick dealership.

Below, you can read through the advantages of buying from us, and discover what sets our used cars apart from the ones you’ll find on Craigslist or in the classifieds. If you want to get to business right away, however, you can feel free to skip ahead to our massive used car inventory to see what we have.



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Why Buy a Zimbrick Used Car?

When you buy a car from a private buyer, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re going to get. The car could have been well cared for and never have missed an oil change, or it could have been rusting away behind a garage for the last decade. You never really know, and if you don’t know what to look for, you could get seriously ripped off. Plus, if something does go wrong after the purchase, you’re on your own.

To avoid all of those issues, we have done our best to provide a number of advantages that you won’t find with any used car in Madison. Many of these benefits are specific to what we do at Zimbrick.

Advantages of Zimbrick Used Cars

  • Over 800 cars, trucks and SUVs to choose from
  • All cars are thoroughly inspected and serviced
  • Paintless dent repair is done to remove any imperfections
  • Interior and exterior are vigorously cleaned and detailed
  • Title, registration and plates are all done on site (no DMV)
  • CARFAX Vehicle History Report available
  • Warranty included with majority of cars
  • Two keys, an owner’s manual and floor mats come standard
  • All cars come with a full tank of gas

At Zimbrick, we do our best to make sure that you know everything that there is to know about the cars that we sell, because we have nothing to hide. The CARFAX report is available for every used car on our lot, and the reports can even be accessed online to help make the shopping process easier. If you’re still skeptical for whatever reason, the warranty include with most cars will be sure to ease your mind.

There is nothing to worry about, however, as all of our used cars are sent through a rigorous inspection process and are then tuned up by our certified service technicians. From there, they are sent to the body shop to remove any dents or to touch-up any paint. Then comes the cleaning and the detailing to make sure that any trace of a previous owner is removed. It makes our used cars look brand new.

If you are interested in learning more about what sets us apart from the other used car sources in the Madison area, be sure to stop by one of our locations in Madison, Middleton, Sun Prairie or Brookfield where you can see some of the used cars that we have available. To get the full view of every used car that we stock, you can check out our complete used car inventory here on the Zimbrick site.



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