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When it comes to premium cars, there are, perhaps, no brands capable of delivering a product quite like Audi. The German automaker’s action-packed lineup is packed with a variety of cars and SUVs that not only produce the power that you crave, but the luxury features and style that you expect from such a well-respected brand. Here at Zimbrick, we bring German engineering to the Madison area, and if you have been on the hunt for a new or used Audi, look no further. We have exactly what you need here.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, we encourage you to hop straight over to our inventory and see all that we have to offer, but if all you know at this point is that you want an Audi, and aren’t sure which one best suits you, scroll down to learn more about the Audi models that we sell here at Zimbrick.




Your New Audi is in Our Inventory

Audi Models Sold at Zimbrick Locations

New Audi A3 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi A3

If a low price tag is what you’re after, the A3, which has a starting price that comes in at an affordable $31,825, is your best bet. It allows you to get all of the premium features without the premium cost.


New Audi A4 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi A4

With as much as 252 horsepower available under the hood, the A4 is able to deliver a driving experience that far surpasses its competitors. Check out our inventory to see all of the Audi A4 models we have.


New Audi A5 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi A5

The A5 makes an excellent option for Madison-area drivers as it comes standard with all-wheel drive, helping it to perform in all types of weather. The 220-horsepower beast also comes turbocharged.


New Audi A6 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi A6

Engine options are what make the Audi A6 such an appealing option. Whether it’s the turbocharged four cylinder, or the 333-horsepower V6, AWD is optional, giving you plenty of power and all of the control.


New Audi A7 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi A7

Power is present in the A7, but what really sets it apart from the rest is its luscious interior that is filled with premium features and materials. It comes with a higher price, but it’s plenty of bang for your buck.


New Audi A8 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi A8

At the top of the Audi sedan lineup is the A8, which features what could arguably be considered the sportiest, most luxurious exterior and the interior to match. It’s made optional with a stocky turbo V8.


New Audi Q3 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi Q3

When you need extra space, but want to hold onto the power and nimbleness of a sedan, a crossover is your best bet, and the Q3 is a great place to start, as the luxurious SUV checks just about every box.


New Audi Q5 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi Q5

For as good as the Audi Q5 looks, you may be surprised by all that it can do. It packs plenty of utility, and a four-cylinder, V6 or hybrid option, and AWD is standard, making it the ideal SUV for winter.


New Audi Q7 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi Q7

Audi is one of few luxury brands that accommodates families, and the Q7 is proof of that. The three-row SUV has plenty of room to fit passengers and cargo, and has the power to move it all.


New Audi S3 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi S3

There is a lot to love about the A3, but for some, a little extra is desired. That’s where the S3 comes in. It’s essentially a fortified version of the entry-level sedan that packs power and even more sporty style.


New Audi S5 for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi S5

Just about everything comes standard in the S5, which means features like a supercharged V6, all-wheel drive and all of the latest technology come at no extra charge. It’s luxury at its absolute finest.


New Audi TT for Sale Madison WI Zimbrick

Audi TT

The TT’s name isn’t the only thing that separates the one-of-a-kind coupe from the rest of the Audi lineup. Its unique look is unlike anything else out there, and its style is just as refined as its performance.


Affordable New & Used Audi Vehicles for Sale in Madison

Although you'll find all of the models listed about in our new car inventory, you'll also find quite a few of them in our used car inventory as well. As many Audi drivers are loyal to the brand, when they decide to upgrade to a newer Audi, or the duration of their lease comes to an end, they typically leave us with their previous model. It's great for those who want all of the benefits of an Audi, but at a reduced, more affordable price. The used Audi cars and SUVs that we stock compose just a small fraction of the many used luxury cars that we have for sale here at Zimbrick.

Whether you're looking to buy new or used, we encourage you to check out our Audi inventory so that you can see what we have available. Once you find a model that catches your eye, you can feel free to schedule a test drive, get a quote, or request updates on its price or availability. You can also feel free to stop by and see it in person. As always, if you have any questions, we encourage you to get in touch with one of the product specialists at our Madison-area Audi location.



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