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Although BMW vehicles are known for luxury, the brand is also synonymous with sportiness. There are no cars or SUVs on the market that are able to blend luxury and sportiness quite like BMW, and it doesn’t take much more than a quick glance at the models that compose the lineup to know exactly what we’re talking about. The sporty luxury is nothing new, either. Whether you buy new or used, you will find that besides the iconic double-kidney grille, every BMW provides an exhilarating level of sporty performance that beautifully mirrors its one-of-a-kind design. It’s what makes the BMW lineup so great.

Here at Zimbrick, we feel that our brand—known for luxury brands—would not be complete with BMW, which is why we have a location in Madison for all of your BMW needs. Again, whether you’re looking to buy new or used, or need service on your current BMW, we have you covered. To see what we currently have available, check out the inventories for any of the top-of-the-line BMW models listed below.




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Although the BMW cars and SUVs listed above are all ones that you will find in our new BMW inventory, we also have plenty more options in our used BMW inventory. If you are shopping on a budget and can’t quite swing the price of a brand-new BMW, you’ll find that the prices in our used inventory are much more appealing. To help pair yourself to a new or used BMW that you’re comfortable with, we suggest that you contact one of our product specialists who will be happy to assist you in the buying process.



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