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There are no brands out there with a reputation quite as strong as Chevys. For more than 100 years, the U.S.-based automaker has been churning out cars, trucks and SUVs that set new benchmarks in the industry year after year, and that continue to find a great deal of success among consumers—especially those in the Madison area. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for something compact and fuel efficient like the Spark, or something that delivers more power than you may ever need and that knows how to get the job done right, such as the Silverado. There is a Chevy out there for everyone.

Here at Zimbrick, we have just about every Chevy model currently on the market, and if you scroll down to see the Chevy models that we sell here, you’ll notice that there are more than just a handful of cars, trucks and SUVs. The best part is that we have all of those models in our new car inventory, and even more in our used car inventory. Depending on what you’re after—new or used—we suggest that you head to the respective inventory to start shopping. You can also narrow your search by model below.




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Affordable New & Used Chevy Vehicles for Sale in Madison

As we mentioned, in addition to the new models that we have in our inventory, you will find a great deal of used Chevy vehicles. Not only do the used options come with a more affordable price tag, but as they are inspected by the certified service technicians on site before they go on sale, you can rest assured that they run just as smoothly as they did the day that they rolled off the lot. Save for the new car smell and the odometer reading, the used Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs that we have for sale are good as new.

Now that you know about what we have to offer, we encourage you once again to head to our new or used Chevy inventory to find the model that best suits you. If you are having trouble matching yourself to one of the cars, trucks or SUVs (we know there are a lot of options) be sure to get in touch with our Chevy store in Sun Prairie, WI. Our product specialists are ready to help get you in a new or used Chevy.