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One of the most unique things about the Hyundai lineup is that it offers quite the spectrum of offerings. The lineup not only includes a number of options, but a number of options from a number of different segments. You can find smaller, compact cars, coupes, sedans and SUVs, all that offer a certain level of luxury. Even better is that rather than making all the top-of-the-line features standard, many are simply offered as options, helping to keep the total cost down. Of course certain options are more affordable than others, but there again, you have options. There is bound to be a Hyundai capable of suiting you.

Here at Zimbrick, we are so convinced that the Hyundai brand is one of the best out there that we have not one, but two locations in the Madison area—one on the east side of town, and the other on the west. With two Hyundai rooftops, you won’t be surprised to hear that our selection of new Hyundai cars and SUVs is quite extensive. Even our used Hyundai inventory is well stocked. To see what we have available, we encourage you to head to either inventory, or check out some of the new models below.




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As we alluded to earlier, our used Hyundai inventory is filled with quite a few models, many of which you see above. They all come from different model years, but regardless of age, you can rest assured that our used options are in tip-top shape. As each model is inspected and repaired by one of the certified Hyundai technicians that we have on site, our pre-owned Hyundai models come free of any mechanical errors. As if all of that wasn’t enough, it’s really hard to beat the affordable prices we offer.

To get the ball rolling on a new or used Hyundai, we encourage you to head to either one of our inventories by following one of the buttons below. Again, if you know that you are looking for a certain Hyundai model, you can visit the inventory for that specific model by clicking any of the buttons above.

If you want to get right to business, you can also visit us at either one of our Zimbrick Hyundai locations.