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As the luxury division of Nissan, it’s no surprise that INFINITI cars and SUVs are capable of delivering inspired performance that is sure to exceed all expectations. The brand’s slogan is “Accelerating the Future,” and it’s a phrase that sums up the brand quite well. Not only is it a nod to the speed and acceleration that the cars and SUVs are able to achieve, but it also touches on the fact that vehicles encrusted with the INFINITI logo are ahead of their time. It’s something that we welcome you to discover for yourself by stopping by the Zimbrick INFINITI location at 1601 w. Beltline Hwy in Madison, WI.

If you know what specific INFINITI vehicle you’re looking for, you can scroll down and access the inventory for that model below. If all you know is that you would like to learn more about, or see an INFINITI car or SUV, we encourage you to head to either our new or used INFINITI inventory by following one of the two buttons below. There, you will find all of the INFINITI models that we currently have in stock at Zimbrick.




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As we mentioned, INFINITI vehicles are ahead of their time. That may not be true for some of the older used models, but it’s important to keep in mind that those older models have stood the test of time. With the way that technology advances in the automotive industry, it doesn’t take long before a new feature is replaced with something more robust. In the case of INFINITI, however, even vehicles from a few model years back come loaded with appealing features that hold up today. Even better is that they are available for a price that is more affordable than the prices you’ll find attached to new models.

There is nothing standing in your way of testing out one of the many INFINITI models that we have in stock and if you want to understand exactly how the brand continues to accelerate the future, we suggest that you schedule a test drive at our INFINITI location. If you prefer to find the vehicle that best suits you before scheduling, you can narrow your search in either our new or used car inventory.



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