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Spring Forward with Spring Service at Zimbrick


When spring is in the air, you’re ready to bloom into action.

Fortunately, our Zimbrick service centers are here to help your vehicle get ready, too. Though the harsh elements of winter are gone, your need for high-quality service will always be here — and so will we.

See how we can help you prepare for the warm spring months ahead.

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Prepare for the Spring Season with Exceptional Service

The combination of salt, slush, ice, and snow from the winter months can take a toll on your vehicle, but spring brings its own obstacles, too. Let us do some spring cleaning for you at any of our service locations. Here are a few services we offer:

  • Air conditioning check
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Bulb replacement
  • Suspension check and replacement
  • Belts, clamps, and hoses inspection
  • Radiator flush and refill
  • Air, fuel, and PCV filter check
  • Oil and oil filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Brake inspection and repair
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Collision repair
Spring Forward with Spring Service at Zimbrick


Need something done before the leaves turn green? Browse our service specials or schedule a service today.