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Not all tires are created equal.


That’s why at Zimbrick, we want to help you navigate through the tire replacement process. And if now’s not quite the right time to get new tires, we’re here to help with a variety of other services, too.


See how below.



Tire Service at Zimbrick: What We Can Do For You

No particular brand or quality of tire lasts forever, which is why regular tire rotations and replacements aren’t something to take lightly. Having your tires rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles is a good baseline to follow. But since that number varies, it’s important to have them checked whenever you come in for an oil change.  


Ready for new tires now?


No problem. We carry a wide range of brands, types, and quality levels to choose from at a number of our locations. Once we replace your old tires, you’ll want to make sure to keep them properly inflated to not only decrease wear but improve safety and gas mileage, too.


When will you need to replace your tires again?


Depending on the weather conditions you typically drive in, you can expect to see us for a new set of tires in roughly five years. Contact any of our expert service teams or schedule an appointment online now to get the ball rolling on the tire service you need today.


Learn More About Zimbrick Tires

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Tire Pressure Checks

With the range of temperatures that we experience in Wisconsin, the pressure of your tires can fluctuate drastically. Bring your vehicle to any one of our many service locations and we can check the pressure and top them off with air in a few minutes. It’s a quick service that we can do with no scheduled appointment.


Tire Puncture Repair

Just because your tire is consistently losing air does not mean that it has to be completely replaced. At Zimbrick, we can patch up your tires, and help them to hold air like they used to. Not only does it keep you from always having to fill them, but it saves you from having to go out and purchase a brand-new tire.


Tire Rotations

After a certain number of miles, your tires should be rotated, meaning the back ones should be moved to the front and vice versa. This helps the tires to last longer, as the tread wears much more evenly. With our pit-crew-fast technicians, we can get your tires rotated and get you in and out the door in record time.


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