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Your vehicle doesn’t take breaks when winter weather hits the Madison area.


Lucky for you, neither do our service centers. While we provide an array of year-round services here at Zimbrick, there are some you’ll need to keep a closer eye on as winter nears.


Explore why our Loving Care Service is a warm and welcome sight even during the coldest of months.


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How to Break the Ice With Sensational Winter Service at Zimbrick

Whether it’s freezing temperatures, inclement weather, poor travel conditions, or some combination of all three, winter comes with its own unique set of challenges. But you don’t have to be left out in the cold. At Zimbrick, our expert service technicians have the know-how to help your car endure the elements – from dents and dings to icy roads. Here’s what we can help with at any of our service locations:

  • Electric start installation

  • Tire inspection and replacement

  • Winter tire installation

  • Antifreeze and fluid checks

  • Brake inspection and repair

  • Battery testing and replacement

  • Wiper windshield replacement

  • Collision repair

You name it, we offer it at Zimbrick Automotive Group. Have something in mind that can’t wait until winter? Check out our service specials or schedule a service today.